Gift Hampers

Hampers filled with festive food and drink are a delightful gift to receive. They can be filled with a variety of items to suit any occasion or holiday. Hampers can be purchased from a number of retailers, but to customise their gift, one can create their own hamper. To start, all one needs is a gift box and some creative imagination.

To help decide what one should put in their homemade hamper gift, they should first determine the recipient and the occasion. Here are some examples demonstrating who might appreciate a homemade hamper gift and when

-A couple with a new baby might appreciate a hamper. One could include ingredients to make a simple meal, or even a casserole or two. One could also include a small toy for the little one as a garnish to their gift box.

-A family moving into a new home might also appreciate ingredients for a simple meal as they deal with the stress of moving.

-A wine enthusiast would love a wine themed hamper for their birthday. One could include a variety of local wines, and some complimenting snacks such as cheeses and chocolates.

-Someone who loves chocolates would appreciate a gift filled with exquisite samplings from a local specialty chocolatier or perhaps a special order from Belgium.

-A hamper could make a great Christmas gift for virtually anyone-the giver can simply choose their favorite snacks and drinks, or pick a theme for the basket.

If one is unsure of the recipient's tastes, or wants to give them a unique, fun gift, they can try choosing a theme for the food hamper. The options for themes are virtually endless. One could choose a certain food and get different varieties of that item to fill their basket. For example, one could choose cheeses and fill the basket with a sampling of hard, soft, aged, and specialty cheese. Another idea is to choose a regional theme. An example would be an Italian theme, with foods and drinks hailing from Italy. The hamper could be filled with Italian wine, pasta, bread, and a tiramisu to complete the meal with a sweet ending.

Creating a homemade hamper using gift boxes and hand picked items allows one to give a beautiful, useful, fun, and customised gift that the recipient will know came from the heart. They are a great, unique gift suitable for almost any occasion and recipient.